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[WATCH]: Negro getting stunned!

Rating: 4

African-American male getting stunned and then forced to reveal who is “running this”rss

[WATCH]: Tazeroke

Rating: 4

Karaoke + 500000 volts of electricitrss

[WATCH]: 14 yr old girl Tasered in the Head by Police Chief in New Mexico

Rating: 4

Tucumcari Police Chief Roger Hatcher has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into last weeks Taser shooting of a teenage girl. Hatcher said he shot two Taser darts at Kailee Martinez, 14, Thursday while responding to a domestic dispute between the girl and her mother. One hit her in the head and the other struck her back. Martinez said she was released from Albuquerques University of New Mexico Hospital on Sunday following a two-hour surgery to remove one of the darts from her head. The surgery left her with 18 staples and six stitches. “I feel good being home,” Martinez said Tuesday. “It is a lot better than being in a hospital.” Martinez mother, Stacy Akin, said she drove her daughter to police headquarters after they fought about a cell phone. Hatcher said the girl walked away from the police station and when he talked with Akin she had a bloody lip and scratches from a fight. Hatcher said he found the girl in a city park, but when he tried to talk to her she ran into traffic without looking. Hatcher said he was unable to catch her and used the stun gun because he didnt know where she might go and he had to get her stopped. “I was going to the park to clear my mind,” Martinez said. “I go there when I get angry. It is a place where I can calm down.” Martinez said she saw Hatcher drive around the park and did not want to stay there and deal with him. She said she was walking west across Monroe Street when Hatcher got out ofrss

[WATCH]: POLICE BRUTALITY – Cops Kick, Beat & Taser Man Suffering From Diabetic Shock

Rating: 4

A driver in diabetic shock was kicked in the head several times in a shocking display of police brutality that won him $158000 in a lawsuit. Adam Greene, of Las Vegas, was pulled over at about 4am on October 29, 2010 after a Nevada State Trooper spotted him weaving in traffic. Mr Greene claimed he was driving that way because he had fallen into diabetic shock. The dashcam video shows a Nevada state trooper approaching Mr Greene’s car with his gun drawn, saying: ‘Don’t move! Hey driver, do not move! Hands up!’ As five cops restrain the man on the ground, a Henderson police officer walks into the shot and kicks Mr Greene in the head five times. ‘Stop resisting, mother f*****,’ one officer says. As he is struck, Mr Greene can be heard moaning in agony as the other officers struggle to cuff him. Officers later searched Mr Greene and found a vial of insulin in his pocket. The discovery prompts one of the officers to radio in to his dispatcher: ‘He’s a diabetic. He’s probably in shock, semiconscious.’ Later, one of the police officers discovers the dash cam on the highway patrol cruiser, and is heard mentioning it to a colleague. ‘It’s on camera,’ he says. The other replies: ‘They don’t know you. I wouldn’t worry about it.’ Authorities said they will not release the names of the officers involved in the incident. The Las Vegas Sun reported that the settlement of $158000 was OK’d by the Henderson City Council last night, and an additional $30000 amount will be paid by the state rss

[WATCH]: シシドヒナタ – 欠けた月とスタンガン(The chipped moon and the stungun)

Rating: 4

Music Video “欠けた月とスタンガン” by シシドヒナタ(shishido hinata) MySpace:www.myspace.comrss

[WATCH]: 72yr Old Lady Tasered by Austin Police

Rating: 5

Were fucking slaves just admit it. when will we grow up?rss


Rating: 0

The actions of sergeant Timothy Devitt who fired a Taser stun gun at a man as he walked along Sydney’s Oxford Street were ”unlawful and improper”, a magistrate has found. In extraordinary footage of the incident, revealed by The Sun-Herald in June, Sergeant Timothy Devitt is seen twice firing his Taser at Ali Alkan’s back, as the 38-year-old walks along the road about 2.30am on March 29. The officer justified his use of the Taser, claiming Mr Alkan had been ”breaching the peace” and could have been hit by a car as he weaved through traffic. Police allegedly found two methamphetamine tablets and GHB on Mr Alkan and charged him with drug possession. But during a hearing on Friday at the Downing Centre Local Court, Mr Alkan’s counsel, Winston Terracini, SC, called for the charge to be dropped, arguing his client’s arrest had been unlawful and constituted an ”unprovoked” assault. ”It seems extraordinary that in order to protect him [the officer] then assaults him by hitting him a number of times with the Taser and then, later on, barbs have to be removed from his body [in hospital],” Mr Terracini told the court. ”There is no suggestion that [Mr Alkan] was committing an offence ?he was told to get off the road, he is in the process of getting off the road – that is, obeying direction – and he is then struck.” CCTV footage shows the officer pointing Mr Alkan towards a laneway, then, as Mr Alkan moves towards the footpath, he is shot in the back. Mr Terracini said it rss

[WATCH]: Trigger Happy Cops Shoot & Kill Autistic Boy Holding A Butter Kitchen Knife

Rating: 4

A 15-year-old boy who suffered from an autism disorder was shot and killed by police in his Calumet City home after he threatened officers and cut one of them with a knife, police and the boy’s family said. The family called police this morning after Stephon Watts, who suffered from Asperger’s syndrome, became upset and did not want to go to school, said his mother Danelene Powell-Watts. Asperger’s is an autism-type disorder in which a person often has normal or high intelligence, but struggles with social skills and repetitive behavior. Police were called about 8:30 am to the home in the 500 block of Forsythe Avenue, an address that was familiar with police, said Calumet City Police Chief Edward Gilmore. “This is an address that’s flagged in our system as having a autistic young man there who is very strong and likes to fight with the police.” Five officers were consequently sent to the home, Gilmore told a news conference. When they arrived, the boy was in the basement, holding a kitchen knife, Gilmore said. Two of the officers went to the basement and the boy “lashed out” with the knife and struck one of them in the forearm, Gilmore said. “At that time, cornered and having no way to retreat back up the stairs, the officers fired one shot each, striking the (boy) twice,” Gilmore said. “Unfortunately, the officer thought that his life was in jeopardy.” Gilmore was uncertain of where Watts was hit, but his mother said the boy — who stood at 5-foot-10 and weighed 220 rss

[WATCH]: Best Gun in Modern Warfare 3 (By Far)

Rating: 4

How to get gold guns in MW3: Wanted to let you guys know about what is (in my opinion) the best gun in MW3, as well as give you some of my favorite attachments on it. I’m thinking about doing a class setup guide for MW3, but don’t know if I should because some people have already rush-uploaded them. Eg Woody already uploaded one, but I have quite a few additional classes to add to his, as well as some I disagree with.. let me know if that’s something you would be interested in. Thanks guys! Follow me! — Tags ftw tmartn tmart type95 “type 95″ call of duty cod modern warfare 3 mw3 best gun multiplayer weapon class setup setups “best gun in mw3″ “best gun in modern warfare 3″ “best weapon in mw3″ “best weapon in modern warfare 3″ “best mw3 class setup” “mw3 class setups” “best class” “modern warfare 3 class setups” BEST GUN WEAPON CLASS SETUP SETUPS IN MODERN WARFARE 3 MW3 BEST GUN WEAPON CLASS SETUP SETUPS IN MODERN WARFARE 3 MW3 BEST GUN WEAPON CLASS SETUP SETUPS IN MODERN WARFARE 3 MWrss

[WATCH]: Anton Chigurh – cattle gun

Rating: 4

from ‘No Country for Old Men’rss

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